21 March, 2020
woman working from home

Working from home

Since Neil and I started our legal PR firm Black Letter Communications almost nine years ago, much of our work, and indeed our success, has been achieved from the comfort of our own homes. I would go even further and say that some of that success has come from the very fact that we work from home.

25 November, 2019
pile of newspapers

What makes a PR story?

News is all around us yet one of the most common questions a PR or journalist gets is ‘what makes a story?’ There is no simple answer, more a litany of potential facts that make up the story jigsaw when dealing with legal and litigation PR.

15 November, 2019

How to write a press release

For those unversed in journalism or legal PR the prospect of writing a legal press release can seem like a gargantuan task. But in reality, if you follow a few simple pointers you should be able to produce a press release that sends out the message you are looking to get across and get the coverage you desire.

13 June, 2019

How to pitch to journalists

Being able to pitch effectively to journalists is a vital part of PR. These days journalists are incredibly busy, often responding to a 24-hour news cycle and working to short deadlines while being inundated with emails. So making sure your pitch to media gets noticed can be a challenge. There are some key things you need to do.

27 May, 2019

Should I use a press release distribution service?

The upside of using a press release service is that with just a click of button you can reach thousands of outlets. But the reality is that press release submission sites are automated, faceless services. The process reminds me of throwing mud to the wall and seeing if it sticks. Strategic, they are not.
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