What we do

Legal PR

Legal PR isn’t all about press releases. There is a fine art to choosing the right medium to get your message across.

Every business needs good PR, but even more so when it comes to law firms and the legal sector.

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in PR for a range of legal service providers with a highly experienced and award-winning team of legal journalists and PR professionals.

If you need to raise the profile of your firm, position yourselves as thought leaders in the industry, or manage and improve business culture through internal PR, we can help you achieve this.

We can also help gain coverage for high profile cases you’re working on through our Litigation PR service.

PR for law firms

In today’s crowded legal market reputation is key for law firms and at Black Letter we ensure your eminence grows with the people you want to impress. While law firms are centres of knowledge that help their clients on a daily basis, it is only with the right legal PR advice and execution that that expertise will be heard in the media. We strive to build our clients’ reputations with positive PR that sets them out as experts in their field. Whether your firm is a multi-national full-service law firm or a niche boutique practice, Black Letter will craft and devise a bespoke strategy for building your brand.

At Black Letter we understand that all law firms are different. We concentrate on your areas of expertise and maximise coverage across the media for your firms through thought leadership articles, press releases and expert comment. We have former Fleet Street reporters in our ranks who can pinpoint the stories that will get your firm the limelight it deserves and the contacts to get the best possible coverage. Not only does positive PR raise your firm’s profile, it is also proven to win more clients and help your business grow.

Legal sector PR

The law is a diverse sector made up of much more than traditional law firms. Professional legal bodies and regulators are a core part of the legal sector that need to make sure their voices, and those of their members, are heard. Black Letter has a successful track record of legal sector PR, ensuring our clients’ profiles are improved with a constant stream of positive coverage. This coverage not only ensures our clients are seen as the authoritative body in their field, but also highlights to their stakeholders that they are standing up for their rights. Whether this is commenting on relevant news articles and acting as our clients’ eyes and ears on the news agenda, writing thought leadership articles or profiling members’ achievements, we ensure our clients get their name into the publications they want to be seen in.

What is PR

PR is fundamentally about persuasion and perception. It is persuading people to perceive your organisation in a more positive light, buy your services or recognise your achievements. Positive PR should enhance or build an organisation’s reputation through the mainstream media or social media – improving the perception of your organisation. At Black Letter we work with clients to create an integrated strategy that will help build their brand and help fulfil their business aims.

Our job is to pinpoint the positive stories and areas of expertise in our clients’ organisations and translate those into positive stories, comments or thought leadership that will garner coverage in the desired media outlets. But PR isn’t only about when things are going well. When things go wrong or mistakes are made, clients need advice on how to handle the crisis communications scenario their organisation is going through. It can take years to build a firm’s brand and reputation, but seconds to destroy it, if a crisis isn’t handled correctly.

Why use Black Letter for your PR

With almost 100 years’ cumulative legal PR and journalistic experience across the company your organisation could not be in safer hands. We are specialists in the legal sector and proud of it. Our extensive knowledge of the sector allows us to give our clients the best possible service as we understand what they want and need. We have an outstanding record of achieving record coverage for our clients while creating the perfect strategy for businesses to build their brand and reputation. Our expertise in legal PR and our journalistic background provide the ideal mix for being able to spot the positive stories that will get your organisation the maximum coverage and placing it in the right publication for you. Our team is made up of skilled writers who will do all of the drafting of articles, press releases and comments for you, so you don’t have to. Unlike other PR agencies we do not employ junior staff, meaning that whoever is working for you will have years of legal PR experience. To be seen as experts in your field you need the legal PR experts at Black Letter.

We provide a full range of services related to legal PR:

Market Insight

Market Insight

We keep on top of the legal industry through connections with membership bodies, trade associations, networking organisations, media and social media, journalists, our clients and our own personal networks. Through these range of contacts, we are able to provide you with insights and advice to help you raise your communications profile in the right market. Black Letter Communications is unique among our peers in having in our ranks an experienced and working journalist to advise, make contacts and keep clients fully up-to-date with market developments.

Media Relations

Media Relations

Our approach is highly targeted; we do not blanket mail shot busy journalists. Rather, we take care and time to talk to journalists on their terms, building strong relationships so that we can use the right medium at the right time. Our experience and contacts run across broadcast, national print, trade, consumer and regional media, as well as leading bloggers. We’re particularly renowned by journalists for our incisive copy. We can also help with Litigation PR.

Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

Collectively we have almost 40 years’ experience of helping law firms and businesses plan for and communicate when things go wrong. We work with senior management to identify and plan for communications and make actionable recommendations. Where no planning has taken place and crisis beckons, we are adept at stepping in, quickly assessing risks and communicating with a wide range of stakeholders.

Social Media

Social Media

Whether you are a newbie, cautious dabbler or practised old-hand, our social media consultancy will steer you through this ever-evolving landscape. Through social media, you can create, control and maintain a strong online personality that attracts clients, builds relationships, and gives you maximum return on any investment you put into your online presence.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Alongside our PR activity we consider the complete digital marketing profile of your firm to maximise your online performance. You will know that digital marketing is an arms race. Only one business can rank in position 1 for their key search terms.

Search rankings are being updated to benefit websites with strong user experiences and to favour brands. Therefore, a site must have a clear message, simple functionality, and plenty of expertise, authority, and trust.

With ranking signals extending beyond what’s on your website, we work with our trusted partners Legmark to ensure our PR works across all influential online channels.