Communicating isn’t all about press releases. There is a fine art to choosing the right medium to get your message across.

Strategic communications campaign planning

PR without a plan can be a waste of time and money. We run messaging sessions with partners, board members and marketers to help identify business objectives. We turn these concepts into reality by creating integrated communications strategies, and detailed plans and campaigns of how they will be delivered. This is not black magic – you will know what to expect.

Market insights and advice

We keep on top of the legal industry through connections with membership bodies, trade associations, networking organisations, media and social media, journalists, our clients and our own personal networks. Through these range of contacts, we are able to provide you with insights and advice to help you raise your communications profile in the right market. Black Letter Communications is unique among our peers in having in our ranks an experienced and working journalist to advise, make contacts and keep clients fully up-to-date with market developments.

Media relations

Our approach is highly targeted; we do not blanket mail shot busy journalists. Rather, we take care and time to talk to journalists on their terms, building strong relationships so that we can use the right medium at the right time. Our experience and contacts run across broadcast, national print, trade, consumer and regional media, as well as leading bloggers. We’re particularly renowned by journalists for our incisive copy.

Social media

Whether you are a newbie, cautious dabbler or practised old-hand, our social media consultancy will steer you through this ever-evolving landscape. Through social media, you can create, control and maintain a strong online personality that attracts clients, builds relationships, and gives you maximum return on any investment you put into your online presence.

Crisis communications

Collectively we have almost 40 years’ experience of helping law firms and businesses plan for and communicate when things go wrong. We work with senior management to identify and plan for communications and make actionable recommendations. Where no planning has taken place and crisis beckons, we are adept at stepping in, quickly assessing risks and communicating with a wide range of stakeholders.

Internal communications

Internal communications is a crucial but often disregarded part of many communication strategies. You need your team informed as advocates before you start to tell your story externally. We work with clients to devise internal communications programmes and we offer ad hoc strategic consultancy and tactical advice. We have helped businesses to communicate change management programmes, redundancy programmes and introduce newsletters.

Client communications

In the world of 24/7 communications, it’s easy to assume that clients have seen you in the news, read your tweet or seen your LinkedIn update – but that is not necessarily the case. Regular client communications are an effective way to ensure clients are kept abreast of your news. Allowing your client to opt-in to receive these updates is a good way to build lists, but crisp and newsworthy copy will keep them interested in your brand. We work with you taking a brief on topics, turning the copy around quickly for you to brand and send on to clients.

New business communications

Whether you’ve taken the decision to set up your own firm and want the right strategy to help launch, or you’re an established firm seeking a new direction, or you feel that your business can benefit from the power of public relations, we can help you to launch into your chosen market, get you noticed and help you win new business. We can help with launch communications, which include announcing you to the media, but we can also help writing new business communications such as emails, newsletters, advertising copy and advertorial, and suggest organisations that can help you to win new business.


Our copy packs a punch. We can ghost write your client newsletters, speeches, articles for publication and even consultation responses. Not only will we understand the brief straight away, but our long involvement in the legal market means we will generate ideas that help to position your firm as thought leaders in the field. We also draft copy for a variety of marketing communications including: award entries, websites, brochures, market reports, internal newsletters and sales letters.

Event conception

Sometimes face to face is the only way to get your message across, whether through a book launch, a workshop to help clients complete a consultation response, a Chatham House Rule debate or a specialist seminar or conference. We can help you create an event that makes you stand out and reach your target audience.